SUMMER ATHLEISURE: Lynette X Tiffany Lynn

I haven't been this excited about athleisure EVER! Let's be real, you can buy basic, run-of-the-mill workout outfits anywhere. When I choose a brand to work with and clothing for my boutique, they have to feel unique. That's exactly what this collection is! It's summertime, and I wanted to bring bright and bold athletic wear. Black is played out. I also wanted a fabrication that is durable and sweat-proof. And lastly, I wanted shapes that actually flatter. I have tested this brand out the last 6 months, and it passed the test with flying colors. So, I went all in for spring/summer!

Tiffany Lynn is a local mama, wife, photographer, nurse, skincare dealer, etc.(I could go on and on). She is also a workout queen, and these pieces are right up her alley--they are bright, fun, and exciting just like she is! They also represent getting out of your comfort zone a little, which is something Tiffany has really embraced in recent years. Ditch the boring black leggings for something spicier! Literally and figuratively!!

I hope you all love this collection as much as I do! I can't wait to see your pictures working out, going for a walk, taking you kids to the park, vacationing, etc in these pieces!